Survey on Governance In Cameroon

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Survey on Governance In Cameroon


Following the onset, in October 2016, of the current crisis in the English-speaking regions of
Cameroon, there emerged, in the progressive movement, two governance schools of thought.
Highly popular from the beginning are those Cameroonians who held steadfast to the view
that Cameroon should return to the pre-1972 federal system of governance. On the other hand,
some have clamored for independence or separation of the two Anglophone regions of the
Country to form an entirely new nation. Additionally, many other Cameroonians are of the
view that the current unitary system of government should be left in place.

The differences in opinion begged for a medium through which Cameroonians of all walks of
life could express their views on critical governance issues relating to or affecting the state of the
union. The lack of such an official medium to sample the opinions of Cameroonians prompted
the Nkafu Policy Institute, a Cameroonian think tank at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation,
to initiate a “Cameroon Governance Survey.”

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Melaine Nsaikila

Nsaikila Melaine is an economist, data analyst and development professional/Enthusiast from Cameroon. In 2013, he moved to the U.S to study under the Fulbright Scholarship Program for a Masters in Economics.Currently serving as Economic Policy Analyst at the Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation in Cameroon.

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