Gender And Politics: A case study of Kenya

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Gender And Politics: A case study of Kenya

Ever so often the world reviews the gender dynamics in different aspects of society. Our in-house expert on political affairs has then been analyzing these dynamics especially in Kenya as it draws near to elections.



Numerous advances have been made worldwide in a bid to improve gender equality in political, economic and social spheres. In Africa, there has been rapid political escalation of women political representation. In Kenya, however, women continue to be discriminated against in many areas of society, and particularly in the political arena. Despite the increase in women’s political participation in Kenya owing to several years of gender activism, capacity building and the mobilization of women to take up various political leadership positions in the country, the political leadership of the country still has very few women. Resource constraints, election-related gender-based violence within political parties and beyond, and the lack of positive media coverage of women, and a particularly gendered and skewed understanding of competent political leadership amongst a large proportion of the Kenyan population are some of the main challenges that women aspiring for political positions face in Kenya. As a result, the ability of women transforming the age-old male-dominated political system in the country has been limited. In the spirit of UNSCR 1325 and related UN resolutions, the Kenya National Action Plan on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325, the Constitution of Kenya, and based on my experience on issues related to gender, peace and security, this paper makes a few suggestions for increasing women’s participation in politics in Kenya.


Writers Bio:

Hubert Kinkoh is an independent research consultant from Cameroon who currently works with International Crisis Group on the Horn of Africa Project. He is a holder of an MA in Peace Studies and International Relations from Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations, Nairobi-Kenya. His master’s thesis investigated water degradation as a threat to three aspects of human security in Naivasha-Kenya, namely Economic Security, Food Security and Health Security. His research interests span: peace processes and conflict particularly in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region; human security; women and youth; and sustainable development. Hubert has had a considerable experience working as a consultant on peace and security issues, particularly those related to women. He enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, sports and making friends.


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