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About Us
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Founded in 2015 by Nakhumicha Otube and Claire Kinyanjui : SECURE was built on the foundation that youth form the largest and most diverse generation in Africa. And it constantly seeks to appeal to a new era of African youth who are fully aware of their surroundings and the issues that are affecting their security both directly and indirectly. A people not only looking to be inspired but one that is ready to change the world.

Secure redefines story telling by embracing the digital revolution and using it to give the public a voice. It seeks to arouse interest and understanding among various youth on international security issues with an all exclusive focus on Africa!

This weekly blog and quarterly magazine expounds on the pressing security issues facing Africa and its Youth which ultimately culminates into a platform where these are discussed and alternative solutions formulated.



Law + Me

These articles seeks to redefine international law with the national — by highlighting controversial legal dilemmas, and by helping readers understand how and why an issue affects them. We deliver thought-provoking and unique takes to the law especially as pertaining to international security.


Here we shows the connection between politics and public policy giving thoughtful insights through deep web research and reporting on issues that are important to the digital generation. We highlight and contextualize the policies that work and those that don’t, while exploring the ways politics and policy have a real impact on one’s own security as well as the tangible effects on people’s lives and the futures of the continent


This is the one-stop shop for conflict coverage, offering a mix of reporting, analysis, criticism and interviews. We spur new conversations on warfare while exposing readers to the latest in war and conflict.
This platform conveys millennials as inquisitive, notch for healthy skepticism towards conformist wisdom, and crave substantive conversations to spark new interests and share knowledge. This sensibility informs everything we do.

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