Every Woman Has a Story

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 2008 Views 0 Comments

“Every woman has a story…..and its stories that change the world “

Tina Brown

YouTube / Women in the World – via Iframely



March has been globally associated with empowering women and appreciating the efforts they have made towards bettering the world.

For secure; its been a month of appreciating female leaders , looking at their role in ensuring and achieving security  has been achieved or maintained and criticism of the feisty challenging and risky -yet under played roles that women are playing today.

Women and terrorism  or is it women and ISIS ? Bringing a gender dimension to conflict ultimately has been the goal of secure’s theme this month. As well as shading light on concepts we knew and those that we have very little knowledge on.

as we start and launch the new theme ; its with hope that these videos will be the ending well-deserved, a summary of conflicting ideas and just something-to  rickle your taste buds on issues around women as pertaining to security.


YouTube / Women in the World – via Iframely



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