Youth And Conflict

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The African youths are still suffering and facing the cronyism and egoism of bad leadership from our present and past leaders of our African continent. The youth unemployment, poverty, lack of good education and corruption have led many African youths and states into political, religious, tribal and regional conflict. Thus countless young people have died, whilst others have joined rebels and insurgents in some African countries in conflict.The main reasons why the youth are part of creating conflict themselves is due to the lack of accountability, stability and good governance in their countries.

African leaders should show respect to the people of their country because what’s happening in many African states nowadays, like Nigeria with the issue of insurgents, has destroyed the image of the country. The national economy, education system and the overall social development of the country have been scattered by the insurgency most especially in the northern states where many have been killed. Talking of destruction; it has cost billions of Nairas when counting the schools, mosques, churches, markets, houses and government buildings affected.

Looking at what happened in the Central African Republic, many youths have joined the conflict and many have subsequently died. The conflict was started after a successful coup, but the revolutionaries were later isolated because of the contention over leadership between them. More recently in South Africa with the Xenophobic crisis where fellow South Africans came out violently over “Foreigners domination” in the country – which is very sad, especially witnessing an African killing a fellow African with a machete! The conflicts in The Sudan, The Ivory Coast, Kenya, Burundi, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Libya, Mali, The DRC and Tunisia have all affected young people more than any other group.

The ultimate reason why conflict in African states is rife is bad leadership from African Statesmen. I can say this firmly because most of the conflicts to date started primarily because of political reasons. Our Political leaders wanted to remain in power by all means necessary, they don’t care about what happens to their country in the process – all they need is power by force!

Buhari Ay Balla

Nigeria Legal practitioner and activist with Ignite the Youth, keen on changing Africa for a better tomorrow

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